It's even better than a fresh loaf of sourdough.
Freedom from "the pose" is possible.
What is it that has the power to restore and renew the commitment of a dropout disciple?
How grace not only transforms our status before God but also rewires our motives for walking in his ways as forgiven, reconciled, and treasured sons and…
What would cause a physician to run toward the Ebola epidemic in West Africa?
What if this is how our bandwidth for grace expands?
Sometimes, following the will of God feels like walking across a deep canyon on a rope bridge lined with broken planks. Jesus understands the tension.
It's better news than you might expect.
It really is blood that binds.
A King would never die in the place of a traitor? Would he?
It's more practical than you may think.
Sound doctrine is a vital means to an end but is not an end in itself.