You said you wanted to change your life, right?

February 2023

How saving faith is a fruitful faith
5 principles that will help.

January 2023

Four words that could be the start of something amazing
When you think you've taken the step too far
There's a huge difference.

December 2022

A twist on a familiar parable you didn't see coming.
Hi friends, I post the piece below annually. Hopefully, it is a helpful reminder that provides fuel for the heart as we celebrate our Savior-King, the…
This perspective could transform your holiday.
Forgive me for asking the question. Maybe it’s just me. But why is Christmas more stressful than restful? Have you felt the tension? You want to sit by…
After months of work (27 years, really), I’ve (soft) launched a new preaching course that I hope will help folks save time crafting clear, practical…
You know how icebergs work. Large pieces of a glacier break off into the ocean to form frozen islands. Some are small, while others are enormous. In…