Thank you for that sir. Our first reaction to any situation is distrust, to trust is completely alien to our fallen natures.

But Our Lord continued to trust His Father in the darkest hour. Knowing that nothing happens apart from His Father's Choice it must have been excruciating to trust when He was dragged from court to court and beating to beating looking for some excuse some justification to kill Him. How unendurable to trust when the Father didn't step in to save the Innocent Son, to vindicate the Faithful Son. Our Father's silence and inaction on Good Friday eventually wrung from Christ the cry of an abandoned child. If the Innocent Man remained faithful when wrongly convicted, if He still believed that the Judge of All the Earth was Always Right, Always Faithful and True then our distrust is utterly unfounded.

That, at least, is my interpretation of how the Cross proves that we can and should trust God. I wrote about this more extensively some time ago here:


Thanks for your encouragement. Love and peace, jc

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